“Life comes at you in waves. There are times when you can’t catch a break and times when you’re sailing high on the crest. Enjoy the ride.”

Ondulé family motto

Ondulé Wines, the passion project of a 4th generation California family and owners of Acorn Paper Products, was conceived in Los Angeles and born in Napa Valley.

A close knit family that works together and plays together, we recognized that wine was a constant guest at all our gatherings. We toast at the end of a great day. We pay tribute to hard work. We raise a glass in memory of past generations or to welcome a new one. Together, we salute the ebb and flow of life with a beautiful bottle of wine.

The love of wine and recognition of its role in our family inspired us to create a brand we could all enjoy. In Ondulé , we combined the old-world style with new-world organic grapes, the result of which is a timeless collection of wines to be enjoyed together on any occasion.

Welcome to the Ondulé family.

Ondulé for the tides of life.